Please find below links for all sections in our 2019 Exhibitor's Booklet.


This includes general exhibits, Wool, Sheep, Poultry and Horses in Action


General Exhibits Section.pdf    (Includes Collector's Corner; Knitting & Crochet; Craftwork; Woodwork; CWA Handicraft; Dolls & Bears; Needlework; Patchwork, Quilting & Applique, People With Disabililty)

Cooking-Preserves Section.pdf (Includes Junior Section)

Junior Arts & Crafts Section.pdf

Art Section.pdf

Photography Section.pdf

Fruit Vegetables Floriculture & Herbs Section.pdf (Includes Juniors Section)

Wool Section.pdf

Sheep Section.pdf

Poultry & Eggs Section.pdf

Horses in Action Program.pdf


exhibits1                                 Exhibits6


Trade Displays


Looking for businesses in Narrogin and Districts to become part of our  Narrogin Agricultural Annual Show so please complete form and display your wares in 2019.


Click on link below to complete your form:

Commercial Application Form.pdf




2019 Show Committee:

President:                Vicki Chadwick

Vice President:        Alan Birrell

Secretary:                Fran Shales

                                Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring 0407 197 893 for enquiries

Treasurer:                Fran Shales 

Stall Co-ordinator:   Fran Shales & Vicki Chadwick

Chief Steward:        Jo Eckersley (Contact Secretary in regard to any queries regarding exhibitions for the Show whilst Chief Steward is away)

Entertainment:        Committee

Committee Members: Keith Guest, Bevan Steel, Ian Raworth, Alan Birrell, Fran Shales, Vicki Chadwick

All enquiries to be related to our Secretary as per above email address

We are always looking for new ideas to make our Show a successful and enjoyable for our patrons, so therefore if you have any great ideas, please join our inspiring committee and have a go!


Show Office will be open to the public


                                                                                                                          Friday                  12th October

                                                                                                                          Saturday              13th October (Hours 10am – 12pm)

                                                                                                                          Monday               15th October

                                                                                                                          Tuesday              16th October

                                                                                                                          Wednesday         17th October


2019 Exhibitor Entry Fees

Please note these prices are per class/entry. 


Sheep $4
Wool $4
Poultry and Eggs $2
Exhibition Hall

$2 Adults

$1  16 Years & Under

Art (Adults) $4
Art (Junior) $2



2019 Entry Forms       




Inside the Court Centre


Friday 19th October 8am – 4pm



20thOctober (Show Day) 8am - 5.00pm


exhibits2                                                                     Exhibits7


If you are interested in attending and require to book and require more information, please contact our Secretary by email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ground Space Application Forms

Show Day Saturday 19th October 2019

Download our latest forms

Please right click and save as or simply click on link and your current web browser should open the PDF file for viewing


Here is our links for our forms:

Food Vendor Application.pdf

Inside Market Stalls Application.pdf

Layout Plan for Inside Market Stalls.pdf

Outside Market Stalls Application.pdf

Trade Commercial Vendors Outside Application.pdf

Community Groups Ground Space Application.pdf

Rules & Regulations Declaration Form.pdf - to be uploaded with current 2019 form


Note: Food Vendors please download the Shire of Narrogin Food Application form:

SON Food Application form.pdf