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Please find below links for all sections in our 2019 Exhibitor's Booklet.


This includes general exhibits, Wool, Sheep, Poultry and Horses in Action


General Exhibits Section.pdf    (Includes Collector's Corner; Knitting & Crochet; Craftwork; Woodwork; CWA Handicraft; Dolls & Bears; Needlework; Patchwork, Quilting & Applique, People With Disabililty)

Cooking-Preserves Section.pdf (Includes Junior Section)

Junior Arts & Crafts Section.pdf

Art Section.pdf

Photography Section.pdf

Fruit Vegetables Floriculture & Herbs Section.pdf (Includes Juniors Section)

Wool Section.pdf

Sheep Section.pdf

Poultry & Eggs Section.pdf

Horses in Action Program.pdf


exhibits1                                 Exhibits6